Industry Expertise



Pharma is broadly divided in API, FML & Bio Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry has made a great deal of progress over the last decade due to a research-oriented approach that has improved technologies, developed infrastructures, and increased research in the field of bioscience. Thanks to biotechnology, various formulations have been developed to cure or stop the growth of several major infections, including HIV and certain types of cancer. The pharmaceutical industry functions just like any other industry. It has raw materials manufacturers, finished goods manufacturers, R&D (research and development) companies, marketing companies, and consumers. Yet, it is far more regulated and capital-intensive than other industries. Pharmaceutical companies with large turnover place a particular emphasis on supply chain management. This is because any variation in the supply chain could lead to multiple disturbances in the system.

Common Challenges

  • Stream lining computation logics of cost at all different location of MFGs.
  • Managing frequent changes of computation for different modules.
  • Meeting the requirement of different dynamics reporting's at the same time.
  • Maintaining verities calculation to derive at product cost at different plant.
  • Detailed data requirement and managing performance of applications.

Our Expertise

  • Simplifying the calculation using cross dimensional functionality & strong documentation and tool training.
  • Use of driver base calculation helped user deriving cost using available option of drivers and data, it helped users in doing 'what if' analysis on web and quick to use.
  • For R&D the cost computation at project level and data storage in detail on web helps reduced use of excel.
  • Reporting requirement like P&L by Client, by product, by region & by SBU are achieved by using multidimensional views of TM1.
  • Many reporting requirement served by using perspective tool of TM1 COGNOS which helped users doing their monthly MIS reporting on click.
  • Utilization of workflow facility to control and overview of Budget submission.

Clients Results

  • All modules on same platform - Capex , Manpower , R&D , MFG , SBUs & Corporate all under one umbrella.
  • Same time data allocation
  • On a click data consolidation
  • Transparency in details of product costing and calculation
  • Quick MIS (BI reports and Perspective reports.)
  • Utilization of workflow facility to control and overview of Budget submission.