Industry Expertise

Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing sector is the backbone of any economy. It fuels growth, productivity, employment and strengthens agriculture and service sectors. Astronomical growth in worldwide distribution systems and IT, coupled with the opening of trade barriers, has led to the stupendous growth of global manufacturing networks, designed to take advantage of low-waged yet efficient work force.
The Manufacturing sector is broadly divided into - Capital Goods & Engineering, Chemicals, Petroleum, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Packaging, Consumer non-durables, Electronics, IT Hardware & peripherals, Gems &Jewellery, Leather & Leather Products, Mining, Steel & non-ferrous Metals, Textiles & Apparels and Water Equipment.

Common Challenges

  • Supply chain management to synchronize Demand & Supply requirements
  • Client satisfaction & Quality assurance
  • Effective Cost management
  • Research and Development
  • Swiftly adapting the current market dynamics to deal with intense global competition
  • As a business analyst, you have a significant responsibility to assist senior management in taking timely decisions to handle cost pressures, improve manufacturing processes, develop new products & technologies and manage working capital. These works get done only if you have the accurate financial and operational plan for your organization along with appropriate tools to act as an enabler.

Our Expertise

Almost, every business has to face many challenges while evaluating their enterprise planning process - Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting. It depends on the company how they do their planning process, which technology they wants to adopt, what business approach they want to follow etc.
With our deep domain expertise, we assist our Clients to set the right approach, right business process, the right technology and right team which finally lead to:

  • Provide the depth and breadth of research needed for success in the global marketplace.
  • Optimal usage of available resources.
  • Workflow enhancement.
  • Facilitate smart decision making by priority matrix and on time scheduling activities.
  • Efficient Management Information System (MIS).
  • Expedite forecasting process to adopt new business challenges.

Client Results

  • Our clients, who were facing the same challenges earlier, revamped their planning, budgeting and reporting processes and benefited by automating it using IBM Cognos technologies.
  • The key implemented modules are, Production planning & Daily scheduling, Inbound - Outbound logistics planning and monitoring, Opex & Capex management, Income statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow.
  • It also helped them to optimize Bill of material (BOM), Demand Supply balancing etc.