Industry Expertise



BFSI industry is facing an extraordinary scale. As the industry moves forward, financial services organizations are seeking for the ways to improve profitability, while at the same time balancing the demands of regulatory change through business analytics.

Common Challenges

  • Data management & Validations.
  • Complex calculations are not supported across geographies and lack of multidimensional reporting and analysis.
  • Variance explanations.
  • The logic behind spreadsheet based planning is complex and time consuming.

Our Expertise

  • Business Rules based modelling facilitating control over the entire process.
  • Version Control facility gives complete flexibility over modelling scenarios.
  • Modelling from Top down & Bottom up approach gives more visibility over the process.

Clients Results

  • Efficient and consistent planning across business segments, products, and brands, with contribution plans from all products or brands rolling up into a single, consolidated plan - and no more spreadsheet version control issues.
  • Consolidated reporting across all Client segments, products, and channels, uncovering new insights about profitability in each of these areas and an understanding of the most profitable Clients.
  • An ability to evaluate changing market conditions with the help of multiple scenarios on a rolling immediate basis.
  • Monitoring potential problems through improved visibility into the business plan, forecast, and performance of new products.